Festival of Small Halls (Ray Brow)

PEI’s Festival Of Small Halls Is Big On Community

Over the last eight years, the PEI Mutual Festival of Small Halls has had a huge impact on the province. This year, not only have they added shows in various care facilities across the province, they are also boasting more than fifty cultural events in more than forty communities. With past shows selling out and audiences lining up outside of the venue doors, the 2016 festival is no exception.

Small Halls Island Hospitality- Ray Brow
Festival Of Small Halls – Island Hospitality (Ray Brow)

“The 2016 Festival will be one of the most successful we have produced yet. We began the week with 8 out of 8 sold out shows and folks lining up at the doors wanting tickets. The talent and hospitality are both world class and we are expecting record crowds, stellar traditional music and storytelling, and very happy audiences,” stated Debbie Atkinson, the manager of the festival.”

They achieved that goal and made for some very happy audiences when they decided bring some of the acts to community care facilities across the province. It has give those who may not otherwise be able to attend a chance to enjoy some of their favourite artists. By partnering with Murphy Pharmacies, they’ve been able to bring the festival to eight facilities across the island, bringing some of the festival’s top performers to the events, including Richard Wood, Gordon Belsher, The East Pointers, and Matthew Byrne.

“The anticipation and response from residents has been great. We’re really pleased that Murphy’s Pharmacies can give the gift of music to so many Islanders who may not have been able to participate in the festival otherwise,” said Ryan Murphy of Murphy Pharmacies.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring top-notch performances to Island seniors this festival season. The PEI Mutual Festival of Small Halls has partnered with Murphy’s Pharmacies and together will make new musical memories for all those involved; artists, staff, volunteers and seniors. These audiences are often the most engaged and our festival artists are looking forward to the chance to perform in community care facilities across the Island,” says executive director Jennifer Campbell.

Festival Of Small Halls - Old Lorne Valley School (Ray Brow)
Festival Of Small Halls – Old Lorne Valley School (Ray Brow)
Festival Of Small Halls - Late Nights (Alan Samson)
Festival Of Small Halls – Late Nights (Alan Samson)

The PEI Mutual Festival of Small Halls brings not only individual communities together, but the province together as a whole under the banner of music. There are a few days left of the festival so be sure to head over to their website for the full schedule of events and catch any of the workshops and concerts that you can until the 25th. Some shows are already sold out so grab your tickets while you still can!

For more information visit www.smallhalls.com