Video: Ostrea Lake Premiere ‘Tree Fire’

Ostrea Lake are premiering a video for their song ‘Tree Fire’ filmed at Deep North Studio in Halifax.

The video is a stripped down version of an unreleased song that features Elias Abi Daoud appearing solo on guitar. Ostrea Lake have put out three EPs since 2012, the most recent of which was released a year ago this June.

“It’s a song that’s not on the album. It’ll be on the next one, which we plan on making a full length, but we’ve been playing ‘Tree Fire’ live for over a year. I felt a little take away video was appropriate.”

Daoud says that he expects to create a video for ‘Tree Fire’ that includes fellow band members Moe Kabbara (mandolin), and Scott Kedy (bass) as they get closer to the 2017 release of a full album. “We will eventually do a ‘Tree Fire’ video with the full band in the future. But I don’t want to make people wait forever to hear new stuff. Hence the video.”

“I think the song is about everyone being tired most of the time from their routine work weeks, but always having something on their mind that they long for,” explains Daoud. “Sometimes the thing that they want could be healthy for their soul – other times it can just suck. But I like to write my songs so that they just make you feel what it means, instead of thinking what it means, if that makes sense.”

The video was shot by Brody McGee as part of the #HFXSongs series. The series has already featured artists like Arsoniste, Willie Stratton, and Dylan Menzie.  “I knew [Brody] before doing the video, and when I found out he does the videos I approached him about it […] I thought it would be a fun collaboration.”

The band has also shot a video for another new song with Here On Out Sessions while on tour in Montrealand expect to release it soon.

For more information visit Ostrea Lake on Bandcamp