Evolve (Kelsey Cassidy/The East)

Evolve Announces 2016 Line-up

Picture this: a summer breeze caressing the grass in the fields, sun beating down, birds chirping happily, surrounded by your friends, possibly your family, positive vibes and a general good time. Sounds great right? You want this, right? Of course you do. You can get all of this on top of a weekend of amazing music at Evolve who have just announced a good chunk of their 2016 line-up.

This year’s 100+ artists and performers include: Danny Brown, Dub FX, Goldfish, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Freestylers, Skratch Bastid, Featurecast, J PAUL Getto, Scientists Of Sound, Slowcoaster, SkiiTour, Calliope Musicals, SKYWLKR, Wet Paint, Ghettosocks, After Funk, Dub Kartel, My Son The Hurricane, Yancarlos Sanchez, Corduroy Mavericks, City Natives, Tommy Knuckles, KDZ, Jont & The Infinite Possibility, Coyote, Pineo & Loeb, P-80, Earthbound Trio, CRaymak, Walrus, Like A Motorcycle, Elephants In Trouble, Stephen Lewis and The Big Band of Fun, Rain Over St. Ambrose, BITS, Jinx the Cat, The Brood, Scout, Veev, Elephant Skeletons, Arsoniste, Mindwaves, Royal Kush Band, Chuurch, The Barrowdowns, The Sticky Bandits, Jules Bangsworth, The Torinos, Unidentified Funk Object, Giodani, Superlove,

Adam Osbourne, Nurse, Mulligan, The Real Molloy, Jacksonstrut, David Anthony, nick nonsense, Nick Hood, Zora the Sultan, Dack & Blecker, DJ Quesquecest?, KiLL BOSBY, Wobble Wallah, SYSTMS, Troy Power, Dylan Miller, Foggyswoffle, DJ DrT, Byrd, Jason Skilz, Leiya, Kardynal Syn, Durilliam, skeemer, Coree Jamez, Isotonic, Lloydy Lou, Jeff Jump Up Keddy, Breaks Breen vs Aryn Benoit, Kittybass, Toorah, JonBob, Hypesteria, Kukula, Elfinity, Skull n Bones, Old Boy, Brett Jönes, Matty M%F#r!, Nausikaa, Synesthesia, The Youngbloods, Apriskah, FAWNA, Sensi Bros, Official Night Owls, Dekz, DJ Raspekt, Industribe, Incendia Motus, Cirque Inverta, Scout Camp, Lyra, art.One, Nicke E Tee, and The Jugglin’ Bubblers.

With many tickets already sold you don’t want to miss your chance on grabbing yours. Advance tickets are available until July 1st for $185, so be sure to grab them before then and before the price increases to $195. The passes included general admission access to the grounds, parking, and camping.

The festival runs from July 7th to 10th northwest of Moncton, New Brunswick in perhaps the best named town for a music festival that takes place in the Canadian summer: Beersville.

So get your camping gear, your friends and your car and head on over for a weekend that is sure to be one that you remember for quite some time to come. Remember that the festival is meant to be a good time for all involved, so be courteous to the other campers and listen to the rules that are meant to keep everyone safe. All other information you may need on the festival, including directions, the full lineup, and a timer that counts down to the very second that it kicks off, head on over to their website.

(Cover: Kelsey Cassidy)