Long Distance Runners

VIDEO: Long Distance Runners’ ‘Pulling It Together’

This week, Newfoundland based band, Long Distance Runners, released a video for the track ‘Pulling It Together’, off their latest album, Elements.

The video was filmed in St. John’s just last week and was the brainchild of band members, Chris Picco and Matt Hender, and director, Mike Simms. In the video, Picco and Hender are seen walking the grungy, early spring streets of the St. John’s, on a quest to find their fellow bandmates. Along the way they find a little trouble as well as a new four-legged friend.

The unique vignette-style lends a softness to the video. Of the eye-catching look, Simms says, “The border for the video was a stylistic choice. Editing gives you so many options when it comes to giving your video a certain look or feel. I always like to keep it fresh and try something different. I wanted this video to have a look like no others that I’ve done before.”

The group wanted to go in a different direction from previous videos and try something much more story-based. “Basically, we didn’t want to do a video that focused too much on a band performance. We wanted to do a story video but we also didn’t want it to make the audience sad or not really dig the vibe”, says Simms.

This isn’t the first time the band has worked with this director. In fact, this is LDR’s third video directed by Simms. When asked what they love about working with Simms, Picco says, “Mike’s just a refreshing young talent whom Matt and I have grown to love to collaborate with. We share a similar work ethic. He’s reliable, always brings a ton of energy to the shoot and gets things done fast. We totally trust him”.

The band is already recording new songs and hopes to release an EP by the end of the year.  They also plan to do some touring on the “mainland” this fall.  For tour dates and more information, you can visit the band’s website: www.thelongdistancerunners.com.