The Eighth Annual Best Of Saint John Music Winners

Friday, in a public ceremony held at the Sanctuary Theatre on Germain Street, Local 107.3fm honoured Adam Kierstead, and other musicians of Saint John.

After a months long online poll, the campus and community radio station announced the results of the eighth annual Best Of Saint John Music Awards. The evening featured performances by Little You, Little Me, Reagans Rayguns, and Brother Faye, and an afterparty at venue of the year Taco Pica, with Bad People, Jaguar Knight, and Provincial Camps.

Best Video: Bad People – “Live At Bourbon Quarter”

Best New Artist: PAPAL VISIT

Best Venue: Taco Pica
Best Fan: Adam Kierstead
Best Song: Stegosaurus – “Ottawa”

Best Concert: Learning/Leinster/Stegosaurus/Weird Star (December 27, 2015 at Taco Pica)
Best Female Artist: Jerry-Faye Flatt
Best Male Artist: Gavin Downes
Best Radio Program: Scatterbrain (Drew Sweet & Joe Brown)
Best Album Artwork: Little You, Little Me – “I’d Watch the Day Til It Died”

Adam Kierstead Memorial Award For Best Musician: Adam Kierstead
Best Album: Little You, Little Me – “I’d Watch the Day Til It Died”
Best Group: Little You, Little Me

Adam Kierstead is survived by his long-time co-cat supporter, Barb Crawford, who he addressed in a Facebook post following the ceremony: “Sorry for your loss.” It is expected he will continue to receive the award until his timely death in an avalanche of guitars. Officials have yet to comment on whether Kierstead will continue to receive the award posthumously.