Evolve (Kelsey Cassidy/The East)

The Evolution Of Evolve

BREAKING NEWS: There is a place in New Brunswick named Beersville. Nestled about thirty minutes northwest of Moncton is the curiously named community, which will be playing host to Evolve this summer.

After an unceremonious uprooting from their long-time home in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Evolve began their quest for new lands. After searching high and low across the moors of the Maritimes, an appropriate outlet was uncovered, halfway between Beersville and Clairville.

A cozy 495-acre farm has been selected as Evolve’s fifth location, and from its description, it’s easy to see why. Open fields that sprawl as far as the eye can see are going to be perfect for the thousands of campers who will descend July 8-10.

“The new Shady Grove is an old growth that has trees that you can’t wrap your arms around. There will be a stage in the woods, again, in the old growth.” A sweeping flatland on the top of a hill is made complete with its variety of watery nooks from trout-filled ponds to babbling brooks.

The unfortunate death of Dylan Champion in the days following last year’s festival brought on a slew of new requirements by the County. The festival had already included a medical plan to have paramedics available for assessment on the scene, while the proposed plan for this year would include the presence of a doctor in the case of immediate medical attention becoming necessary. Unfortunately, they didn’t get their paperwork in order soon enough to please Antigonish County Counsel.

In spite of pleas for an extension on the due date for their Medical Operating Plan going unheard, Evolve has hit the ground running in this, their seventeenth season. Not only did they find and confirm their new location in record time, they’ve brought the existence of Beersville, NB to our attention. It will also be bringing an additional benefit to the local economy, with an estimated $1 million in developing the grounds alone.

If that weren’t enough to make Evolve the kicker of New Brunswick’s music festival scene, from the sounds of it, they’ve found a way to make an awesome weekend even better, “It looks like we are putting in a massive pool with a beach to have beach/pool parties by day with open fields everywhere.” There have even been rumours of showers available. Hopefully all the new amenities will be enough to cool down those Nova Scotians who are upset about their longer commute.

With all the plans underway Evolve felt confident enough to announce the first of their headliners last week, Australia drum and bass artist Dub FX.


Tickets have already gone on sale. For more information visit www.evolvefestival.com

Cover images: Kelsey Cassidy