Folly Fest 2016 (Kelsey Cassidy)

Exclusive: Folly Fest Announces 2016 Lineup

Folly Fest is three days of ‘getting down and dirty dancin’ in the dust’ alongside the Saint John River in beautiful little Gagetown. Well known for being the friendliest festival in the Maritimes, it’s unsurprisingly also one of the most popular with performers and festival-goers alike. Today we have the official announcement of who you can expect to find on stage.

“This year we really focused on the quality of the music presented,” says organizer Paul McAllister in a humble nonchalance that glosses over the fact that the likes of Dumpstaphunk graced the festival stage last summer. “We always try to ensure everything has a certain flow to it, but this year is something special. Each day of music has it’s own personality.”

“My favourite festivals were always the one where I had to do some research into the bands presented. A bunch of bands that you’ve maybe never heard of, paired with some good ol’ festy faves, is a recipe for some good music listenin’.” Folly has always worked hard to ‘curate their vibe’, and if you’re organizing your own festival vibe is key. Vibe is the primary export, and after eight years of doing this, Folly Fest has gotten pretty good at it. So when they pull in a surprise headliner like TAUK, you can trust it will be good.

“TAUK, for me, was one of those discoveries. There was no question that they are a perfect fit for folly. Those that know ’em are going to be super excited, and those that don’t are probably going to have a new favourite band.”

The nearly almost entirely complete lineup of performers, musical and otherwise, is as follows: TAUK, Five Alarm Funk, Shred Kelly, Nomadic Massive, Slowcoaster, Gabriel Palatchi Trio, Sun K, Coyote, Earthbound Trio, All of Green, Dub Kartel, Stephen Lewis and the Big Band of FUN, David in The Dark, Kill Chicago, Eastcoast Love Story, The Hypochondriacs, Sugar Bomb, The Barrowdowns, Janowski, The Feels Good Jam Band, Jinx the Cat, Sam Salmon and the Grand Mannan Bandits, Salmon Jazz, The Sticky Bandits, The Everywheres, Willie Stratton, The Galpines, The Koconut Kings, Jont and the Infinite Possibility, Jelly, Hum and Hollow, Tokyo Valentine, Snorkelers, Easy Numbers, Plural, Rachel Sunter, Max Keenlyside, Womb to Tomb, BITS, Mike Humble, Guy and Doll, Tango Chutney, Daryl & his Boogie Buttons, KDZ, Betsy White, Dmayne event, DERB, Kardynal Syn, Cool Trainer Cody, Casey, Jones, The Grand ol Courthouse, The Calithumpians, Ritchie Young, Keegan MC, Jacques, Incendia motus, Strange & Bizaar, Hypsteria, DTJL, and Capital II.

The official poster also includes a fun little mad-lib for your enjoyment. The more inquisitive of you might be able to puzzle out the few remaining blanks. “We have a few little fun surprises to keep tucked away in our brains, so their is more to come.”

Folly Fest 2016 Poster

Tickets go on sale Friday, May 6th. For more information visit

Top image: Kelsey Cassidy