Returning Fire (Matt Carter)

In Review: TNB’s ‘Returning Fire’

Welcome to our review of Returning Fire by local playwright Ryan Griffith.

Returning Fire

This play breaks the typical play-going experience in a number of ways. You, the audience, get to peer into the exchanged text messages of the play’s two characters in real time, and use this exchange to pick up clues as to where the experience will take place. From here, you are pulled deeper into the evening and watch the evening unfold between two old friends. The play revolves around the meeting, and Ian Goff’s character, a soldier returning home from the war in Afghanistan, is shrouded in mystery.

At the risk of revealing too much about the play, I’ll leave my review short on concrete details, but know this: I highly recommend Returning Fire to anyone looking for an out of the box, immersive, and unique theatre experience that pulls you in with a voyeuristic excitement. Whether you’re familiar with his work or not, Ryan Griffith has done it again and given us a riveting, entertaining, and thoughtful work of art. If you’ve ever felt compelled to watch over a friend’s shoulder and provide council on their messages, or eavesdrop on a first date or argument happening across the room, this is a must-see, must-read experience.

Ian Goff and Jalianne Li (Matt Carter)
Ian Goff and Jalianne Li (Matt Carter)

You can catch Returning Fire from between February 4 – 7. Tickets can be purchased at The Playhouse or online.