David Picco Cover (Courtesy of David Piccco)

New Music: David Picco’s ‘Start Again’

Although David Picco has been touring in Toronto for the last twelve years, the Newfoundland-born song-smith, with ‘Start Again‘, his fourth album, he’s returned to his native East Coast, both literally and metaphorically. As you listen to the opening track, ‘Baby, I’m Gone Away’, you realise that David has spoken to your innermost thoughts, wishes, and desires. You’ve left your old life behind you, you’ve checked out of the hotel, and you’re ready for the next adventure.

“It isn’t hard to see the things you wouldn’t do if you could understand what I’ve been going through. No one would notice it. I was just here and gone. ‘Cause I’ve been looking around but there’s never nothing going on. Baby, I’m gone away. Baby, I’m gone away.”

With a driving guitar background, rhythmic piano chording, and beautiful harmonies that echo the sentiments of the lead vocals, his music echoes the feelings of one that has experienced the loss of love and is ready to ‘Start Again’. Dynamic key changes, unique chording choices, a distinct vocal range, and resonating lyrics sing the ballad of an independent man ready to carve his way into the unknown world.

The title track, ‘Start Again’, is the ballad of a person ready to rekindle a relationship that has deteriorated.  A hard and fast electric guitar undertone, motivating rhythm of the drums, and the gentle picking resonates within the lifeblood of a broken heart that is willing to do anything in order to hold onto the love within, the last spark of a man desperate for the warmth of a love he once knew, one that he holds onto with all of the vigour and determination that he can muster.

“You got it all; you got everything. I’ve got a heart that’ll let you in. You got a heart, stronger than anything. Oh come on, I’ll give you everything. In my dreams, there is no end where you are in my arms again. How long? Baby, tell me when. Oh come on, I’ll give you everything. Let’s both just start again. Let’s never part again. Let’s both just start again. Let’s never part again.” (Start Again)

Picco has truly brought us back to the times where love was sweet, but it is now a flicker in the mind’s eye that will never return to what it once was. Take a look at some of his lyrics:

“Your love, summertime, wasn’t hard to find. Oh, why? Wake up, here it comes again. So long, but I can’t say when. Daydream, summertime, everything, all the time, oh why?” (Today Never Knows)

“You know it’s hard to stay. It never was that way. I can only guess but now I’m asking for, what you’ve got in store? Shouldn’t it be easy? I can only guess, but now I wanna find what you’ve got in mind. Shouldn’t it be easy?” (Any Second Now)

David Picco is writing about the experience of having lost love and is opening his heart to the listeners of the world. Rather than listening to ballads, where the pangs of lost love are stitched into one’s head over and over through soft melodic tones and mournful strings, he has chosen to give it to us using rock and roll.

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