Jonah Hache (Louis-Philippe Chiasson)

Jonah Haché Releases Video For ‘iPhone Fail’

Jonah Haché has released a video lament in honour of that most common of tragedies: the damaged iPhone.

The Moncton based artist is known for his work as a founder of TBA Collective, the non-profit volunteer based local art and music cooperative, a one-man band, and a festival organiser, making him one of the busier people in New Brunswick’s music industry.

The loop-based hip-hop-dance song originally appeared on his third album, Exhausted Autopilot’ in 2013, with this live footage based version updated to bring a faster, ‘dancier’ (?) feel to the song. It also has the distinct benefit of featuring numerous puppets consoling Haché over the demise of his phone with an orgiastic dance party. “I’d been wanting to make a puppet music video for a while and when I wrote the song, it all just kinda fell together.”

Haché explains that the song is based entirely on the true story of his iPhone 4, “It’s the only song I’ve written about loss in the past three albums. Now I have a 4S, not a massive improvement.” How the puppets fit into the story is open for speculation.

For more information check out Jonah Haché’s Facebook page.