Earthbound Trio (John England/The East)

Earthbound Trio Closing In On Indiegogo Goals

The 2013 release of Earthbound Trio’s ‘Lettuce Turnip the Beet’ garnered nominations for both ECMAs, and MNB awards, and won them a Galaxie Rising Star. Now, the lads are back in the studio working on a full length album, with ‘Soil & Ash,’ set to release in summer of 2015, and they’re accomplishing it through an indiegogo campaign.

The campaign launched a month ago with a goal of raising $7500, adding to their own contributions towards recording expenses. The campaign features a wide range of perks from the entry level ‘good karma’ reward, to some slick looking swag, including hand-made Earthbound Trio mugs, pendants from the folks at Clairvoyant Glass, and even a piece of live art created by Tom Smith of No Fun Zone. Perhaps most impressively though, not to mention tempting, is the $150 option to have the lads come stack two cords of wood for you.

Earthbound Trio
drummer Mumble explains that the album really does try to have something for everyone, “It’s a wide range of musical styles. Songs range from country to rock, to folk, to blues, but all are very unmistakably ‘Earthbound Trio’. I think that is a credit to ourselves as musicians, and Dwayne [Doucette] as a songwriter.”

“It’s feel-good music that hopefully will inspire.”

With only two days remaining to their fundraising campaign and 80% of their goal completed, they’re releasing a couple of live music videos featuring songs from the album in hopes of closing that gap. The video for ‘Let It Go’ (no, not that one) features footage from a performance at Fredericton’s Cellar Pub which pulses and sways with the music, just like the real experience, but without the next morning hangover. Remember to enjoy your live music responsibly.

“Being filmed is the easy part. Watching and listening back is the hard part!”

For more information visit Earthbound Trio’s website. Maybe even contribute to their Indiegogo Campaign for some sweet vinyl, or the chance to get your wood stacked.